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This blog shares my stories about integrating the NGSS and good teaching practices in my chemistry classroom.

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There’s one piece of advice I keep hearing over and over again when it comes to implementing NGSS successfully: Do less talking about and make kids do more figuring out.  I’ve accepted this mantra as a personal challenge.  This school year I’m analyzing all of my curriculum and trying to tweak it to make it […]

After leaving the NISE Conference I found myself thinking about my current curriculum.  There’s a lot of things that I do well, but there’s certainly room for improvement in terms of infusing NGSS Science and Engineering Practices.  One aspect of my teaching that could use a little “oomph” deals with SEP Practice 7, Engaging in […]

On November 17, 2014, the Northern Illinois Science Educators (NISE) organization held their inaugural conference.  The recent adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards in Illinois prompted huge demands by K-12 science teachers for professional development.  A new set of standards prompted educators to look for answers ranging in complexity from “What is NGSS?” to […]